Models for Heroes

Models for Heroes

The resident Models for Heroes group meet up every Monday with other veterans to share their passion for building and painting miniatures of all varieties. The group is a great opportunity to get together with like-minded people and show off your latest creations, get some motivation to start on that “pile of shame” or even just swapping tips and stories.

Our modellers build and paint some of their projects at the club and welcome new members. Don’t worry if you aren’t a professional, we welcome all ability levels including those looking to start the hobby. We currently have members working on models trains and railways, Bolt Action, military vehicles and aircraft, Warhammer and varying bits of terrain.

The group are able to supply kits (available for you to take home), tools like glue; files and snippers if you don’t have your own project to work on.

About Models for Heroes

Models for Heroes (M4H) is the first charitable organisation in the UK to support the use of model making hobbies within former and current Armed Forces and Emergency Service Personnel in the United Kingdom.

In March 2017, following a report on Models for Troops in the USA, M4H began providing instruction and resource support for a model making session as part of the Rolling Recovery Programme at Tedworth House Recovery Centre.

The founder of M4H, Malcolm Childs believes that the constant sacrifices made by serving friends, family and complete strangers to protect his own young family needed to be repaid in whichever way he knew how.  Being a keen model maker himself and witnessing the curative effects of the hobby.  Malcolm took it upon himself to start Models for Heroes.

Research into the use of crafts as an intervention activity report an increased level of happiness and social inclusion. The physical dexterity required to build the model kits challenges and promotes development of fine motor skill. 

I'm Interested

Monday’s from 11:00.

Armed Forces HQ, Molyneux House, WN1 3SE.
Limited parking available.

Do I need to book? At this time, yes. Please call 01942 821293, or email

If you are interested in this group you may also be interested in our wargaming group on Tuesdays.

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