One of the biggest challenges for the executive teams of small charities is Governance

The role of the Governance Committees at The Armed Forces HQ is to provide executive support to the person or team that lead the organisation by offering expertise in certain areas such a fundraising, accountancy or health and social care as well scrutinising policy process and delivery to make sure the organisation sticks to its governing document and charitable objectives. Hers a few objectives of our Committee:

  1. Revisit and update our organisational governing documents such as Articles of Association, Accounts and Companies House returns
  2. Setting a clear strategy to develop the business for a sustainable future 
  3. Define clear roles and responsibilities for the team
  4. Keep the information flowing by having clear and transparent reporting processes that connect to service delivery.
  5. Create working groups to get the most out of your board meetings
  6. Support the team develop and promote the charitable aims and objectives of the organisation.
  7. Get the right people board to share expertise, develop the organisation and create the right partnerships

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